14 Feb 2021

It’s that time of the year when everyone craves the natural warmth of a log burner. They’re incredibly comforting and a wonderful addition to any home. But whether you’re a current wood burner owner or are considering purchasing one, you might have one question on your mind. ‍ What’s the best fuel for wood burners? […]

14 Feb 2021
Chimney sweep on rooftop

You might have a pre-defined image of a chimney sweep, and that’s entirely understandable; these aren’t the sort of people you come into contact with regularly, after all. However, if that image is one of a soot-covered young boy emerging from your fireplace with a flimsy brush in his quivering right hand, you’ll be glad […]

11 Feb 2021
chimney inspection

New House, Old Chimney? Here’s What to do When You Move in   Congratulations, there’s nothing quite like buying a lovely old home which includes a traditional fireplace or stove.  However, a chimney fire probably isn’t the housewarming ‘gift’ you want. Which is why it pays to have that chimney looked at. ‍ The reason […]