07 May 2020
stuck child sweep

The Industrial Revolution, marked by technological advancements and increased urbanisation, brought about a reliance on coal as the primary fuel for domestic heating. In bustling, overcrowded cities, the resulting foggy smoke from chimney fires became a ubiquitous sight. Amidst this era emerged the indispensable figure of the chimney sweep, tasked with averting potentially catastrophic home […]

14 Feb 2021

It’s that time of the year when everyone craves the natural warmth of a log burner. They’re incredibly comforting and a wonderful addition to any home. But whether you’re a current wood burner owner or are considering purchasing one, you might have one question on your mind. ‍ What’s the best fuel for wood burners? […]

14 Feb 2021
Chimney sweep on rooftop

You might have a pre-defined image of a chimney sweep, and that’s entirely understandable; these aren’t the sort of people you come into contact with regularly, after all. However, if that image is one of a soot-covered young boy emerging from your fireplace with a flimsy brush in his quivering right hand, you’ll be glad […]

29 Nov 2020

The sight of debris in your fireplace may raise concerns, but rest assured, it’s not uncommon for some debris to find its way down the chimney. This phenomenon is particularly prevalent if you have a gas or electric fire or if your fireplace is rarely used. To comprehend why debris falls, it’s essential to explore […]

13 Jan 2024
Chimney fire blog
As the weather gets colder and the cosy crackling of a fireplace becomes more inviting, it's important to be aware of the hidden dangers that can lurk in our chimneys. Chimney fires are more common than you might think and can cause devastating damage to your home and put your family at risk.   In [...]
17 Jan 2024
Why do i need my chimney swept
During the colder months, the allure of a crackling fireplace becomes irresistible. However, the warmth and ambience that a fireplace brings also come with responsibility – the maintenance of your chimney.   In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the signs that indicate your chimney needs attention, the repercussions of neglecting this vital maintenance task, [...]
26 Jul 2023
leaky chimneys

The roof is one of the most important structures of a building. It’s essential for protecting the interior from the elements, and it also plays a key role in maintaining the building’s energy efficiency. The chimney is a crucial component of any roof, and it’s responsible for venting smoke and dangerous gases from the fireplace. Therefore, […]