Central London Chimney Sweep


If you’re based in Central London and need someone to sweep and check your stove or fireplace, the SweepSmart team is here to help. We can also inspect and test your chimney if you suspect something might be wrong.

SweepSmart can help with any of the following services in central London and come highly recommended by people in your area.‍

Central London


Central London consists of seven boroughs, including Camden, Chelsea, Islington and Westminster. They’re all beautifully unique, and combine to create what is arguably the best city on the planet.

In our humble opinion, of course.

It’s certainly one of the oldest. Established in AD47, you can still find fragments of the Roman’s City Wall at Tower Hill, the Barbican and Bishopsgate.

London has grown considerably since then, of course, and we have the Georgians to thank for expanding the capital beyond its centre, following the Great Fire of London in 1666.

London also offers famous landmarks at every turn from Buckingham Palace to the London Eye, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, like so many cities, it feels like you’re constantly walking through a collection of postcards and famous movie scenes.

Thankfully, we’ve come a long way when it comes to working with chimneys in London. When the Palace of Westminster was built in 1870, boys as young as four were deployed to head up and down the chimneys. In fact, it’s thought that those same chimneys still contain the bodies of dead chimney sweep boys.

But – let’s just assume that’s folklore, shall we?‍

Chimney Sweeping and Maintenance in Central London Area


Modern-day London is incredibly fast-paced, and that has resulted in a huge number of property renovations. This keeps the SweepSmart team busy with plenty of chimney CCTV inspections related to party-wall awards.

It’s a fascinating place in which to carry out our work. For instance, you may not be aware that Central London is a smoke-controlled zone; wood and coal can only be burnt within a Defra-exempt appliance.

The buildings are increasingly complex, too. Many of the four-storey properties are now split into separate apartments. This has significant implications for chimneys because the properties with basements often have flues that pass through eight apartments. A leaking chimney can therefore be very dangerous. Thankfully, the SweepSmart team are never far to ensure everything is as safe and compliant as it should be.

We love working in Central London. It’s hard not to fall in love with the place, and with so many fascinating properties to explore and work on, our team continues to gain considerable experience that enables us to deliver unbeatable customer service.


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