A gas fire is an excellent addition to any home. Before fitting a new gas fire, the chimney must be swept and inspected – this allows us to check for any structural issues, obstructions or combustible material within the chimney.

Your chimney’s main role is to allow dangerous combustion gases to evacuate your home – the chimney has a very important job but most of it cannot be seen. Many chimneys can be hundreds of years old and the property would have undergone many renovations but no one has checked the inside of the chimney.

  • Has pipework been passed through the chimney breast?
  • Has an electrical socket been fitted on the chimney breast and a cable passed through?
  • Has someone fitted a waste stack for a toilet into the chimney?……….yes, we’ve seen that too 🤢.
  • Has a loft conversion caused any damage to the chimney?
Partially Blocked Terminal
Partially blocked terminal - this is difficult to identify from street level and can be easily missed. The air flow is severely affected and cobwebs have formed in the cowl (cowl is also non-compliant) this will cause fumes to leak back into the room.
Gas pipe through flue
Gas pipe has been fitted through a neighbours flue

A Pre-Gas Fire Chimney Inspection includes –

  • Full visual inspection – pot; stack; hearth; ventilation; fireplace/ stove fitting; lintel
  • The fireplace area is covered with protective dust sheets that we provide
  • Your chimney is swept in accordance with the ‘Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps’ code of practice and the industry-standard
  • Examine debris
  • A draught test is performed using a smoke pellet*
  • Advice on fireplace use and fuels
  • Check smoke and CO alarms are present and positioned correctly
  • Chimney camera inspection
  • Report findings
  • A ‘Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps’ sweeping and servicing certificate will be issued
  • This service takes approximately 60 minutes per flue.

You will receive a report with screenshots detailing all the relevant information about the chimney system; if any remedial work is required, this report can be used to get quotes.

If there is any doubt over the condition of the flue a Smoke Test 2 (leakage test) must be performed. You can read more about leakage tests here.

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Hole in Flue
Large hole in the chimney which leads into a neighbours flue.