Chimney Sweeping

‍Regular cleaning removes soot and helps prevent dangerous chimney fires. Cleaning improves the efficiency of some appliances, saving you money on fuel.

Chimney pressure test

Chimney Smoke Test

A chimney leakage test (also known as a chimney Smoke Test 1) is used to check that the flue will be safe and not leak potentially dangerous gasses into rooms above or adjacent property.

CCTV Chimney Surveys

It can be extremely difficult to diagnose a chimney problem. In the past, you would have had to knock a hole into the chimney, work with a very messy, limited point of access and no guarantee of finding the cause.

Flue lining

Flue Lining


‍If your flue isn’t sufficiently lined, smoke, tar and acids will be absorbed by the chimney walls, leading to the mortar joints losing their stability, your exterior stonework becoming stained and even dangerous fumes leaking into your home.

Stove Installations


‍A stove is a great addition to any hearth; it looks fantastic and is a green way to heat your home efficiently and economically.  We offer fireplace and stove installations along with a comprehensive after-sales option.

Biomass / Commercial Sweeping

We specialise in Biomass sweeping at either commercial or domestic properties. Using the latest sweeping technology, we provide a clean and efficient service which is essential to maintain the safe and efficient working of a boiler.

Bird guards

Pots & Cowls Fitted

The correct chimney terminal is essential for your appliance/ chimney to work safely and efficiently. There are many types designed for different purposes. One of the most common faults is an incorrect terminal.

CCTV Chimney Inspection

Level 1 Chimney Inspection

Your chimney is quite unlike anything else in your house. It sits there, out of view and never seems to encroach on your daily life. Indeed, it shouldn’t.

Chimney Inspection

Level 2 Chimney Inspection

Many chimneys can be hundreds of years old and the property would have undergone many renovations but no one has checked the inside of the chimney.

New homeowner inspection

New Homeowner Chimney Inspection

Even if the previous owners were using the fire, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a potentially dangerous accident waiting to happen!

chimney inspection

Pre-Stove Chimney Inspection

If you’re planning to install a new stove, make sure you have your chimney inspected by an expert! Arrange a pre-installation inspection with Sweep Smart today.

Party Wall Chimney Inspection

If you’re planning to do work to the party-wall, make sure you check your plans with a Chimney expert. Arrange a party wall inspection now.

Bird Nest Removal

Birds find chimneys an ideal place to set up home, due to the warmth and shelter chimneys provide. However, having birds or other pests in your chimney can lead to dangerous blockages, chimney fires and infestations.