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Welcome to SweepSmart, an independent chimney sweeping company
covering London, North London, Essex and Hertfordshire. 

As a HETAS approved member of the 'Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps' we have been professionally trained and assessed in all aspects of solid fuel. SweepSmart has passed the vigorous assessments needed to become a 'Which? trusted trader' and have achieved the rank of Master Sweep with the Guild.

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What can we help you with?

Chimney Sweep

Chimney sweeping is vital to ensure your fire is safe to use and working efficiently.

At SweepSmart, we are experienced in providing chimney sweeping services to both residential and commercial clients, using the very latest technology. Whichever type of chimney you have, and no matter how old it is, we will leave your home and chimney perfectly clean.

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Chimney Brush
CCTV Integrity

Chimney Integrity Test

If you have recently moved into a property and do not know the history of your chimney or are reinstating a fireplace that has not been in use, it is important to test the integrity of the flue.

We use specialist equipment to establish whether a chimney will be safe and not leak potentially dangerous gasses into rooms above or into an adjacent property.

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CCTV Chimney Survey

CCTV Chimney Surveys, are a quick, clean and effective way to identify a problem.

We use the latest equipment to record high quality footage of your chimney and provide you with a detailed report highlighting any issues and the appropriate solutions.

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Stove Installations

A Stove is a great addition to any hearth - it looks fantastic and is a green way to heat your home efficiently and economically. 

At our sister company StoveSmart we offer fireplace and stove installations along with flue lining and a comprehensive after-sales option.

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What else can we help with?

Bird Nest

Bird Nest & Pest Removal

Having birds or other pests in your chimney can lead to dangerous blockages, chimney fires and infestations.

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Pots & Cowls

Pots & Cowls Fitted

 The correct chimney terminal is essential for your appliance to work safely and efficiently.

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Commercial Biomass


With many years’ experience in the commercial sector our services include working in hotels, pubs, restaurants and schools.

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