If you’ve just moved into a property with an existing fireplace, it’s important to have the fireplace and chimney inspected. Even if the previous owners were using the fire, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a potentially dangerous accident waiting to happen. The consequences of ignoring potential dangers here just don’t bear thinking about.


Why should you inspect the flue and chimney in your new home?

When you have a home-buyer report done, the fireplace and inside of the chimney are NOT inspected. This means there could be issues that no one is aware of. You won’t know when the last inspection took place, so you need to check the health of your chimney to ensure its safety and performance.

Completely Blocked CHinney Flue
A neighbour has removed the chimney breast

Potential issues include cracks or material deterioration (due to excessive heat or water) which can leave your home at risk of toxic fumes entering your home. Animal nests can lead to chimney fires if not removed.

If the flue hasn’t been maintained correctly, harmful chemicals could leak into your home. Smoke and gas expelled from a chimney might navigate its way through your loft, basement, or other parts of your home. For example, breathing in creosote from the outside of firewood when your chimney is clogged is harmful to your health, so this needs to be removed.

An inspection can help to protect you and your family from the chemicals and gases that can be expelled by a fire.

Sweepsmart can check to see whether your chimney is functioning properly or if it needs repairs before you can burn safely. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection, explain everything to you, and answer any questions to give you peace of mind when you use your chimney.

A solid fuel liner has been connected to a gas liner. A gas liner will deteriorate quickly when burning wood or coal

A New Homeowner Chimney Inspection includes –

  •  Full visual inspection – pot; stack; hearth; ventilation; fireplace/ stove fitting; lintel.
  • The fireplace area will be covered with protective dust sheets that we provide.
  • The chimney will be swept and inspected in accordance with the ‘Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps’ code of practice and the industry standard.
  • CCTV chimney inspection.
  • Check smoke and CO alarms are present and positioned correctly.
  • Smoke Test 2 – Evacuation Test
  • A ‘Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps’ insurance certificate will be issued. (if the appliance/flue is safe to use)
  • A detailed report will be issued. (if the flue requires remedial work)
  • Demonstration on how to use the fire
  • Bespoke advice on fuels and best practice
  • This service takes approximately 75 minutes per flue.

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Sealed Fireplace
The fireplace has been sealed using expanding foam - this will release toxic fumes when heated.

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