If everybody in your home is well, you can continue to book your Chimney Sweep as normal.

These are extraordinary times, and to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) we have had to implement some strict procedures.

IMPORTANT! You MUST notify us if you or any person in your household:

  • Has Coronavirus (Covid-19)
  • Is within the isolating period
  • Appears to have symptoms relating to the virus
  • Is isolating because they are in a vulnerable group


To prepare for our visit you must, where possible:

  • Open a window in the room/s we will be working in on our arrival. The window should also remain open for at least one hour after we have vacated – This will allow the room to be well ventilated
  • Remove all objects (ornaments, fuel, etc.) from the hearth area.
  • Allow a clear, unobstructed passage from the main entrance into your property through to the fireplace area. Move any furniture which is in the way of this route
  • Ensure a plug socket (extension lead if necessary) is available next to the hearth area
  • Respect social distancing at all times during the visit.

We will also be doing our bit; we will always:

  • Wear a FFP3 filter face mask at all times
  • Replace our gloves before every appointment
  • Use different floor coverings for each appointment
  • Send a digital ‘Certificate of Chimney Sweeping’ via email


If you have any queries or questions call us on 0208 351 7164 or complete our enquiry form here.