What to expect

Call us anytime on 020 8351 7164. If there is no answer, it just means we are temporarily occupied. Please leave your details and we will get back to you within the hour. Alternatively you can leave us a message here.

When you book a sweep with us, you will be given a time slot to your convenience and called 20 minutes prior to our appointment. Please be patient with time keeping, previous jobs and traffic can easily delay the estimated time of arrival.

Prior to our arrival all we require is, a clear passage from the front door to the chimney and adequate space to work in. Please remove any ornaments or delicate items from around the hearth and mantel piece.

At SweepSmart we Chimney sweep Islingtontake extra care by using thick denim and sheets for your floor and use a number of techniques for preventing dust escaping. We always try to ensure that chimney sweeping is a very tidy operation so you do not need to cover your furniture but of course you can do so if you wish for your own peace of mind.

We will be using state of the art chimney sweeping equipment in strict accordance with the current regulations and approved sweeping methods.

Remember to see the brush out of the top of the chimney to make a wish! Although we cannot guarantee the wish will come true, we can guarantee we have swept the chimney correctly.

Once the sweeping process is complete we will perform a smoke draw test, advise you on any aspect of your solid fuel use and issue an insurance recognised certificate.

At any point please feel free to ask any questions relating to your fire, chimney, stack or pot/terminal.

We hope to sweep for you soon!