Chimney and Flue Lining

If you have an older property, you could be suffering from porous chimneys or flues. If your flue isn’t sufficiently lined, smoke, tar and acids will be absorbed by the chimney walls, leading to the mortar joints losing their stability, your exterior stonework becoming stained and even dangerous fumes leaking into your home.

Since 1965, Building Regulations have specified new chimneys are required to be built with flue liners that will ensure efficient performance of the heating appliance. If you have an old chimney you want to start using again, you need to have it inspected by a competent and professional chimney lining company beforehand.

Often, when people want to reinstate an old chimney, there are various works and repairs needed, as well as fitting a new chimney liner to ensure safety and efficiency. Furthermore, if you’re buying a new stove or fireplaliningce, almost all manufacturers make their products to be used with chimneys with a suitable liner.

Chimney lining in London, Hertfordshire and Essex

Chimney lining has benefits to your home insurance, as well as keeping your family safe, including:

  • Better insurance premiums
  • Insurance pay out in the incident of chimney fire damage

This, coupled with some local councils charging call outs of fire crews to people who don’t properly maintain their chimneys, will end up saving you vast amounts of money.

Keep your household safe and happy by ensuring your chimneys are properly lined in accordance with current regulations.

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