Bird Nest and Pest Removal

Birds find chimneys to be the ideal place to set up home, due to the warmth and shelter chimneys provide. However, having birds or other pests in your chimney can lead to dangerous blockages, chimney fires and infestations.

Common signs of nesting birds in your chimney

• Twigs, feathers and bird droppings falling into your stove or fireplace
• Sounds of chirping or tweeting

Whilst it may feel somewhat inhumane to clear out nests and pests, they have the potential to cause health problems, fires, and blockages- which themselves can lead to Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

At SweepSmart, we regularly clear out nests for our clients, helping them to maintain a clear chimney. We use a small brush to loosen the materials of the nest, before we use larger brushes to dislodge and remove the debris.

We always carry out a CCTV survey to ensure all the debris has been cleared then a

nest removal

We always CCTV survey after nest removal

smoke test in order to confirm the correct draw is available to the fire. A successful test means that there is a smooth combustion in your fireplace or stove, with the nest no longer serving as an obstruction.

Bird guards
Once you’ve had your chimney cleared of birds’ nests, you should definitely consider having your chimney fitted with a bird guard to prevent them returning. Rooks and starlings, often birds to blame for nests in your chimney, usually try to return year after year to the same nesting site when they come back from their annual migration.

By installing a bird guard, you can minimise the chance of having nesting birds return to your chimney.

Wasp and bee hives
Chimneys are also inhabited by bees and wasps on a regular basis. You may wish to contact pest control services to assist you. Once the insects have been killed off, you will need to have the hive removed from your chimney for reasons, including:

• The hive and the honey stored in it are both combustible, increasing your chances of a chimney fire.
• The scent of an empty hive will attract more insects, further adding to the blockage and causing a repeat of the problem.
• Hives have the potential to block your flue. They can also fall further through the flue, causing a chimney blockage.
• The honey stored in a hive will often melt, bleeding through the brickwork and causing permanent staining to your walls and ceilings.

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