It is commonly believed that only gas appliances produce carbon monoxide. All appliances that burn fuel produce carbon monoxide. Your solid fuel stove or open fire produces hundreds of times that of gas or oil appliances. This, and the risk of a chimney fire, is why it is important to have your chimney swept by a trained and competent person, after all no one wants to become a number on next year’s carbon monoxide or fire statistics.  The number of chimney fires is increasing every year in the UK with as many as 32 thousand homes in the UK having a chimney fire in 2010.  A significant number will be largely due to not getting the chimney swept often enough. Other contributing factors are:

Chimney safety

  • Burning fuel that is inappropriate for the appliance.
  • Burning fuel with too high a moisture content (logs should be less than 20% water).
  • Overnight burning / slumbering fire – please don’t do this, it can be dangerous and costly and is highly polluting.
  • Unsuitable or inefficient stove or chimney.

Cleaning will increase the efficiency of some appliances and we will provide you with good basic information on the use of your appliance and fuel. This may well save you the cost of our visit in fuel savings each and every year.

Chimneys need to allow free passage of dangerous combustion gasses. Regular cleaning will remove soot, creosote and any potential blockages. Helping prevent dangerous chimney fires.

If your chimney is clean it will not catch fire (there is nothing in it to burn!) We have been trained and educated by ‘The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps’ to clean and inspect your solid fuel appliance and flue. We will also be able to recommend any repairs needed, recording them on your sweeping certificate.

The sweeping frequencies below are for guidance. Frequency will depend on a number of factors including: Type of fuel, appliance used, duration of use, moisture content of wood fuel, type of chimney. We will be able to advise on sweeping frequency during the appointment, the sweeping frequencies below are for guidance.

Smokeless fuel: At least once a year
Wood: Quarterly when in use
Bituminous coal: Quarterly when in use
Oil: Once a year
Gas: Once a year

If  you would like to receive more information on the above, or are not sure if your chimney is safe, give us a call on 020 8351 7164.