Why should I get my chimney swept?

Sweeping should be an essential part of home maintenance.Chimney sweep Winchmore hill

It is always important to get your chimney swept. A chimney acts as your households exhaust pipe – funnelling away soot, smoke, gases, hot ashes and sparks. Regardless of which appliance you use the flue needs to be checked to ensure that dangerous gasses can escape your home freely.  A chimney sweep will ensure that your flue is safe and unclogged by bird nests, soot build-ups and any other debris that might have dropped down your chimney.

A good chimney sweep will also have the necessary training and experience to notice problems which might lead to chimney fires or inefficient burning and will be able to bring these problems to your attention.

At SweepSmart we will also inspect your chimney for potential problems from the roof.  Even if you have an idea about what to look for, it might be problematic, or even dangerous for you to attempt this yourself.  It is also unlikely that an untrained eye would notice more subtle problems.  If a problem is noticed early, it will probably, be easier and cheaper to fix.